A Quick Guide to Building Miniature Furniture

While it’s true that there is no shortage of miniatures available online that you could purchase – sometimes the real fun comes in making things yourself. Don’t let their small size and seeming complexity daunt you – all you need to get started building your very own miniatures is a few simple tools and materials that are readily available at every craft store.

how to build miniature furniture

Finding Inspiration for What to Build

Figuring out what to build is as easy as looking around you. Just like your home needs furniture for the kitchen, living room and bedroom – these are all great options for miniatures as well.

Living room and bedroom miniatures are some of the most fun to build because along with adding character to your collection with things like bookshelves, sideboards and even picture frames – these items also give you the opportunity to design them to match a certain time period, design trend or style of architecture.

Sourcing Materials for your Miniature Furniture

The craft store is your oyster when it comes to choosing materials for your miniatures. While the African wood Obeche is one of the most popular options, you can also choose from the Malaysian Jelutong or even lime or linden species. Some people also prefer hardwood veneer strips as they are well suited to smaller-scale furniture.

Looking to go for a low-cost DIY option? You can even use twigs from your garden to make everything from furniture for a log cabin and even for other items like chairs and sofas.

Giving Your Miniatures the Perfect Finish

Let your creativity shine bright when it comes to designing your miniature furniture by giving it the perfect finish. You can actually paint raw wood with regular paints from the craft store which means you can choose from any colour under the rainbow.

On the other hand, some people prefer to give their miniatures a more classic look with the same polishes and waxes that are designed for regular wood furniture. Of course, some of these have chemicals so just be sure to follow any safety instructions.

If building your own miniature furniture for dollhouses is a hobby you’ve pursued for some time now, changing up the finishes or upholstery on the furniture you’ve made in the past is a great way to give your dollhouse a more modern look.

In fact, we think the best thing about building your own miniatures instead of buying them is that you get to build and design them exactly how you want them to look creating something that is absolutely unique to you.


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